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Terms & Conditions

These are our standard Terms & Conditions that apply for customers using our online recruitmet, candidate traffic forwarding services and other promotional advertising services offered by Red Advertising Ltd.

Advertising Arrangements


These Terms apply to “Customer” use of the websites owned and managed by Red Advertising Ltd and the on-line recruitment, candidate traffic forwarding services and information services offered through it ("the Service").

On Commencement of Advertising arrangements through “the service” the Customer accepts these Terms & Conditions.


A customer who is using “the service” as offered by Red Advertising Ltd

Service Provider
Refers to Red Advertising Ltd

This means an individual or website visitor. They may be referred to our websites as a jobseeker.

Job info
This means information on any job vacancy, which the Customer is seeking to fill on the website.

The Service
Refers to the level of ‘media accesses to the websites in accordance with the advertising solutions and products purchased.

PPC Arrangement
This is a Pay Per Click arrangement where the charges made are based on a successful click through to the customer’s website or service. Clients on a PPC Arrangement either deposit funds on account in advance or are invoiced for the click throughs delivered at the end of each calendar month.

Fixed Price Agreement
This is where the total cost of advertising for an agreed period is stated and invoiced at the inception of the arrangement.

Red Advertising Ltd
This is the UK Ltd company with registered No. 5269423 and VAT Registration number 849 448 477. It also refers to brands of the company including and all of the other brand websites under our control as listed on our network supporting sites page.


3.1 In consideration of the agreed advertising costs, Red Advertising Ltd grants the Customer access to the services agreed.

3.2 Unless the Customer gives notice of cancellation by email to us, not less than 7 days before the expiry date of the Current arrangement the arrangement will automatically continue on the existing basis.

3.2.1 For Clients on a monthly invoiced “PPC Arrangement” this means that we will roll the arrangement over to the next month unless we receive your instructions to the contrary in line with 3.2

3.2.2 For clients on “Fixed Price Arrangement” this means that renewal on the existing basis will continue unless we receive your instructions to the contrary in line with 3.2


4.1 The Customer shall pay to Red Advertising Ltd for services provided and shall pay all applicable VAT and other taxes imposed on charges for Services made as invoiced.

4.2 All invoices are to be paid by Customer within 14 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise stated and agreed by Red Advertising Ltd in writing confirmed by both the customer & service provider.

4.3 Where it has been agreed that the Customer can pay a “Fixed Price Arrangement” invoice by instalments, if any instalment is unpaid at any time during the agreed schedule of payment dates then Red Advertising Ltd will withdraw the instalment option and the entire amount outstanding will then become immediately due and payable.

4.4 Red Advertising Ltd may charge interest on all sums outstanding beyond the date on which they are due for payment under these Terms & Conditions at a rate of 2% per week above bank of England base rate.


5.1 The Customer accepts that, following any contact with specific candidates:
5.1.1 It shall be up to the Customer and the Candidate to agree how to progress matters further;
5.1.2 That the Customer shall act in good faith and in a business like and courteous manner; and
5.1.3 That the Customer shall act in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.
5.2 To avoid any possible abuse of our services, Red Advertising Ltd reasonable request, the Customer shall supply Red Advertising Ltd with such information that it reasonably requires confirming:
5.2.1 Any Job info that has been supplied for posting on our network is accurate; and
5.2.2 That Customer is not in breach of this Agreement and that advertisement’s posted are in line with advertising standards accordingly.
5.3 In order to fully support the Customer with regard to communication it shall be the Customer's responsibility to advise Red Advertising Ltd of any change in their contact details.


6.1 To provide the Services with reasonable care and skill,
6.2 To maintain Services on a 24 hour by 7-day basis (subject to periodic essential maintenance activity) to support Customer’s online requirements.
6.2.1 In the event of Services being unavailable for any consecutive period of 24 hours (with the exception of de-activated accounts), Red Advertising Ltd shall extend the terms for “Fixed price Arrangements” by the period of such non-availability, without further cost to the Customer. 6.3 If (for reasons beyond its control) Red Advertising Ltd is unable to keep the Website live or updated for a period of 14 working days or more, Customers on “Fixed Price Arrangement” deals shall be entitled to a pro rata rebate of monies paid to Red Advertising Ltd for the service during the period of downtime.
6.3.1 On the basis of 6.3 customers that have deposited funds in advance of advertising arrangements would be issued with a complete refund of their current credit balance.


7.1 Advertising arrangements may be terminated by Red Advertising Ltd if: -
7.1.1 After providing written notice to the Customer of breach of 5.1 (1/2/3), if such breaches are not rectified within 10 working days by Customer providing appropriate information to Red Advertising Ltd to amend the Job info
7.1.2 If the Customer fails to pay Red advertising Ltd on the due date any sums that may be due
7.1.3 If the Customer makes any material misrepresentation in order to become a registered user of the Website;
7.1.4 If the Customer is using the Website for any improper use or with the intention to damage the reputation of either the Website or the Services provided by Red Advertising Ltd
7.2 Either party may terminate the advertising arrangement immediately by notice to the other:
7.2.1 If any resolution or petition to wind up the other’s business (other than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) shall be passed or presented or if a receiver or administrative receiver of the other’s undertaking, property or assets shall be appointed but the Customer acknowledges that except in such circumstances, it has no right to terminate the agreed advertising arrangement unless agreed by both parties.


These Terms & Conditions form the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes all previous Terms, Agreements, understanding and representatives relating to its subject matter.

No addition, amendment or modification of these Terms shall be effective, unless in writing and signed as accepted by Red Advertising Ltd. 


This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

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