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Frequent Questions

We often get asked a number of the same questions on a regular basis. We detail here some of the most popular questions asked but if your question is not listed here or if you would like further clarification regarding our services then please dont hesitate to contact us.


How do I get a media Pack?

Simply click here to request a media pack and we will forward an e-brochure by return containing all the information you need. Alternatively you can call us on our low rate phone number 0345 60 00 550 where we would be delighted to take your call.

What makes Red Advertising Different from other solutions?

Our large network of jobs boards target specific candidates so your advertising spend is being used exactly where its most effective, on attracting the right candidates you need.

Our solutions are adjusted to your specific requirements. We can forward job seekers to your own website for processing or applications can be sent to as many nominated email inboxes as you require. Either way we deliver candidates to you, the way you want them.

Furthermore, all of our sites operate on a domain format and we only advertise and promote our sites in the UK.

In all, we value you as a customer and work in your interests to ensure that your campaigns have the maximum impact. We like customers to remain with us for the long term and we always go that extra mile to ensure that customers get the maximum possible return on their advertising investment.

Is Red Advertising connected to any Recruitment Agency or any other Media company?

No. We are not owned by, connected to, nor have any shareholders or investors even remotely associated with any recruitment agency or recruitment consultancy of any nature. Nor are we owned or connected to any other media company. We are a completely independent company.

We are a private limited company owned by private share holders and our core business operations relate solely to “online classified advertising” and “online job website publishing”.

We are based and registered in the UK and are also registered for VAT.

What are the primary websites within the Red Advertising Network?

For full details of all of our websites you need to visit our Network Coverage Section.

All of our sites are top performing sites in their own right. We do not charge you twice because we own another jobs board that you should use that’s more effective than the one you are using with us. Our clients benefit from having access to all of our sites under one straight forward arrangement.

Advertising with Red Advertising provides full access to all of our marketing channels.

Has Red Advertising’s jobseeker traffic reach been Audited and Verified?

Our Job seeker traffic reach claims and our “website visitor logs” have been independently audited and verified by ABC Electronic ( A detailed audit certificate is available for inspection.

Red Advertising has been registered with ABCe since 29th November 2007 and we support its industry agreed standards for website traffic measurement and clarity.

You can view our audit history with ABC electronic here

When using an online candidate traffic provider or an online facility of this nature advertisers should always look for signs of an independent job seeker traffic audit where possible, to ensure that the visitor numbers claimed by the website in question are correctly recorded and that the jobs board’s visitor numbers are substantiated accordingly.

It’s not only important to know how big an advertising reach is but understanding the demographics of those visitors is equally as important. We aim to be as transparent as possible over our visitor numbers by appointing ABCe and update information on the breakdown of that candidate reach together with supporting information on how we attract candidates to our facility on a regular basis. 

What are your top performing Job sectors?

We attract a good range of candidates across our website network. The most popular sectors with Candidates are:-

1. Admin & Secretarial
2. Catering & Hospitality
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Retail
5. Construction & Engineering
6. Accountancy & Finance
7. Legal
8. IT
9. Logistics & Supply Chain
10. Leisure

Advertisers looking for candidates with backgrounds in the above fields will receive the highest response rates from us.

What types of clients do you work for?

We work on behalf of independent Jobs boards; Publisher owned Jobs boards, Recruitment Agencies, Direct Employers, Advertising Agencies and a number of other client types.

At Red Advertising we believe that as long as we maintain a quality, effective solution for our clients and process candidates the way our clients want them processed and deliver targeted, measured and quality results with a high return on investment, we can be the perfect advertising solution for all client types.

What makes you a “Hybrid Jobs Board”?

We have been hailed as a “Hybrid Jobs Board” because we offer both pay per click and fixed price classified job advertising to clients. We were one of the first networks to offer classified job advertising solutions in this way.

As more clients move towards investing in their own website technology we have reacted to this by offering advanced ways of supporting them by driving candidates to their own websites with the facility for them to pay for exactly the visitors they get from us, by the click, if that is how they want to advertise. If they want fixed price advertising so they know the exact advertising spend in advance we can offer that also.

We offer both adverting methods for our clients and deliver candidate applications the way clients want them and that can be via your their own website technology or by traditional CV application processing by email to designated email inboxes.

How much does it cost to advertise with you?

Call us now on 0345 60 00 550 to establish how cost effective our solutions are or request a media pack for further details.

We offer extremely cost effective solutions for less than you think. We also have a range of discounted promotions on offer to introduce first time customers to our services if they have never previously used us and offer FREE trials so that you can fully evaluate our service without financial risk.

Pay Per Click advertising starts from 15p a click for a “unique visitor” and fixed price advertising can work out at less than £40 a week for regular multi job posting deals. Various offers and promotions are also available.

We believe our solutions are the most cost effective available in the market and that it’s unlikely that you could get a better return on your advertising investment from anywhere else. Talk to us to establish how we can assist you.

What makes Red Advertising more effective than other online services?

It’s very simple; the job advertising and brand awareness solutions we provide for our clients are targeted specifically to their exact requirements.

We promote your brand and jobs on the websites and sectors of sites that are specific to the candidate audience you need to reach. We email your jobs out to relevant registered candidates. Hence, response rates are higher from the right candidates.

Some other advertising companies may waste a good proportion of your advertising spend with unnecessary costs and providing coverage to a large percentage of the job seeking population that are simply not relevant to you. We have all heard the saying “Half of all advertising spend is ineffective, we just don’t know which half!” well with Red Advertising you now know what is effective. All of your advertising spend with us is used to target the right candidate audience and is channelled to exactly where it’s most effective without wastage.

Do you offer Free Trials?

Yes we do.

So confident are we that are solutions are the best available in the market we have removed all barriers to entry so that you can trial how effective our solutions are for yourself, without any financial loss or further obligation on your behalf.

Request a media pack today or register now for a FREE TRIAL

If I phone your company to discuss your service will I get the hard sell treatment?

No you won’t, we never hard sell advertising to potential clients or for that matter will we keep harassing you with sales calls long afterwards. Heck, we will even tell you if our solutions are not right for your needs!

If you are new to us, we think you will find our approach very refreshing compared to what you may have experienced elsewhere. We truly value your business and know that even if you don’t use our company today it’s likely that you will do tomorrow.

We take the time to establish your needs and put forward a package that will work for you on the most competitive basis possible in the first instance.

We don’t employ sales staff on targets to sign you up at the highest price they can or sales staff under pressure that provide better deals at certain times in the month when they have quotas to fill – we offer just plain simple no nonsense solutions on a cost effective basis to start with, a FREE period of trial so that you can fully evaluate our service and if its for you, we will then continue the arrangement going forwards.

It’s important to us that you are completely satisfied with the service we offer and have the right solution that works for you from the start.

Our solutions are probably the best available online and we believe are just simply to effective and good to ignore. If you want exposure to specific candidates online – Red Advertising is the answer

Is it difficult to use your services?

No, it’s extremely simple to use our service in order to source the right candidates to your website or the right applications to your inbox and we can guide you through our services all the way if you need a greater level of support or are new to online advertising.

It’s a simple case of uploading your jobs to your account or selecting the sectors of candidates you need exposure to and we will do the rest for you.

We have the very best online technology at your disposal to ensure you get the results you need with ease.

How do I upload jobs to you?

We try to make the process as simple as possible. The easiest way to upload jobs to us is via XML feed but if you if you wish to upload jobs via a muliposting agent or some other method we can support you.

For further details on uploading to our network please visit our uploading jobs information page under our solutions section

Can you write my job adverts for me?

We can guide you with examples of job adverts but currently we don’t offer a bespoke job writing service. If you really are struggling to word that important Job advert then we can put you in contact with freelance writers that can help you.

But remember, Red Advertising is designed for volume job postings and although single job postings are permitted on some of our jobs board properties our technology is designed for higher volumes.

Do many candidates apply online?

Online applications are increasing at an incredible rate. Online is where you need to be to attract the best candidates. Almost all candidates looking for employment opportunities now look online first before any other form of media.

If you have vacancies to fill or need to drive specific candidate types to your own jobs board our solutions are ideal for you and we can drive as much interest to your company as you require.

How long does it take to set up an account with you?

Once we are in receipt of your details account activation takes place very quickly. Where payments or deposits are made online with a debit / credit card the activation of your account is virtually instantaneous.

What are your payment terms?

In most cases clients pay either immediately online with a debit / credit card via our automated online service secured and backed by HSBC Bank or they pay by monthly direct debit arrangements.

We also offer payment by invoice at the end of each calendar month. This arrangement can be set up easily by invoice but payment terms are strictly within 14 days unless extended credit terms have been pre-agreed.

Advanced payments into your account can also be made against future debits

What are your office Hours?

We're open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

How can I contact you?

Call us now on 0345 60 00 550 to establish how we can help. Visit our Contact Us Section or email, write or live chat with one of our account handlers today. We will be very pleased to hear from you and welcome your calls

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