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How We Attract Candidates

At Red Advertising we drive a constant steady flow of Job Seekers to our network from a wide range of different methods hence providing you with exposure to additional candidates from a new and different candidate traffic resource.

The following graph illustrates the approximate split between all activities.

Job Seeker Traffic by Sector

Job Seeker Traffic by Sector

Our Activities Expanded

Search Engines

We have both organic and paid listings within the major search engines so that candidates looking for jobs online can always find related jobs on one of our network sites.

Our sites feature on all of the leading UK Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN Live, Lycos, AOL, Virgin and Orange.

The search engines are one of our biggest referrers of UK based Job seeker candidate traffic.

Direct Email Marketing

We have an active Jobs by email service for each of our networked sites. Out network has over 340,000 candidates registered for this.

Our company also runs sponsored campaigns with some of the major UK email providers where our promotion links feature on users email accounts. This helps us to keep our brand fresh in the minds of potential job seekers.

We also produce a newsletter on a regular basis that is sent out to registered candidates.

Partnerships & Alliances

We have a number of strategic alliances in place with some major trade associations and some specific trade websites that help promote our network.

Our sites are also well known on some of the major "website book marking" sites where job seekers save our website pages for future use.

XML job feeds are also available for display on partner sites and special arrangements are in place with sites that can support us with regular specific UK job seekers.

A volume of key websites on the internet carry links or graphic adverts driving candidates directly to the specific websites we operate.

Affiliate Scheme

We have an established Affiliate Scheme set up where webmasters of specific UK industry related websites can carry one of our "Job Widgets". This is a piece of technology we produce that syndicates the latest jobs related to their own content on their website.

This technology enables us to get target job information in front of passive job seekers that may be visiting the industry site in question but had not thought about visiting one of our job boards.

PR & Marketing

We have a number of ongoing promotions to ensure that Job seekers are made aware of our sites as much as possible.

Our company runs a number of different direct mail campaigns. We are involved in bill board advertising, some local Radio advertising and we feature information on our sites within various trade publications.

A number of town centre promotions are also carried out during the year. An example of one popular promotion was where we promoted our generalist site "Redgoldfish Jobs" by giving out to potential job seekers a cardboard fish. The eye of the fish changed colour as their hand moved over it, indicating how stressed they were in their current job. The item was a keep sake they would show others creating further awareness of our sites with a strong marketing message. This was one of many promotions done to help endorse candidate awareness of the specific sites within our network.

University Promotions

We frequently send information to the careers offices of various UK Universities in order to keep them updated of the sites we operate. We also advertise our sites on the campus of a number of sites where possible.

In addition we have special support from a number of UK Universities including Wolverhampton University where we exchange information and get involved in joint initiatives to bring awareness of Job vacancies to graduates.

Some information supplied specifically for students can be found within some of the "Graduate Zones" on a number of our job boards.

Brand Awareness & Referrals

A number of our internet job sites have been established for some years and we now attract a good flow of candidates that remember our brand from past use. They may have got their current job from searching on one of our sites a few years ago, and being ready to move on again, give us a return visit.

Candidates may visit our sites directly, by typing the domain name into their browser, whilst other candidates visit us because of direct referrals by friends and family.

We also own some premium domain names which make it easy for job seekers to remember our sites.

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