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Candidate Reach & Statistics

We provide total clarity over our networks candidate reach and have regular independent audits carried out to ensure that our candidate reach statistics remain both accurate and up to date. 

1,000,000 Candidate Visits Each Month
   600,000 Unique Visitors Each Month
   640,000 Registered for Jobs by Email

Usage Statistics

Each month our powerful network delivers on average at least this level of candidate activity.

1 Admin & Secretarial
2 Catering & Hospitality
3 Sales & Marketing
4 Retail
5 Construction & Engineering
6 Accountancy & Finance
7 Legal
8 IT
9 Logistics & Supply Chain
10 Leisure

Hot Top 10 - Most Recent

These are the trade sectors that are currently the most active on our network. Jobs that appeal to candidates in these sectors will attract the highest levels of interest.

Jobseeker Traffic by sector

Jobseeker traffic by sector

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ABC Electronic logo - Jul 2011

3,717,003 Page Views
874,958 Candidate Visits
480,389 Unique Visitors

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