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About Us

Red Advertising Limited is a UK based internet company providing online solutions to meet the needs of its Recruitment Industry and HR professional market sector clients. The company is owned by shareholders and private investors and is not connected to or owned by any publishing house or recruitment firm or organisation.

Time to go Red

Following our initial company incorporation back in October 2004, a number of different key internet properties within the online jobs classified field were developed and brought together. By March 2007 Red Advertising Ltd was established.

Our business is incredibly creative, innovative and is continually evolving. The business is involved in two core activities.

Job Search Engine Network

We provide targeted, measurable and transparent recruitment advertising solutions. We send candidates direct to advertiser’s Jobs or to other Job Boards or process candidates via online classified job adverts featured on long established websites within our network. We have a very strong organic candidate reach of over 1 million candidate visitors a month.

Our integrated network consists of 47 niche and super niche job websites that target specific candidate audiences. Each site has been individually designed, has its own unique identity and has been built for the specific industry audience it targets.

We can also very quickly add additional sites and change content on any of our sites instantly from our one main site administration hub to quickly meet the needs of advertisers using our network.

= We deliver filtered, targeted UK candidates from across a network. We provide Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Application (PPA), Pay per Registration (PPR) and Fixed Cost advertising.

Multi-Posting and Applicant Tracking Software (JobMate)

Continually innovating within the Recruitment Technology space we developed technologies to aid recruiters and Company HR departments to be more productive and time saving. Multi posting technologies were established and by November 2009 we acquired the brand name and proprietary technologies of JobMate a specialist multi posting provider. We then set to work on enhancing the technology and further integrating with every job board within the UK. Our latest version V6, offers advanced functionality in an easy to use format. It’s an award winning product that is used by many leading Recruiters and regularly receives fantastic feedback regarding how easy it is to use. The product processes over 2 million candidate applications a year.

As our technologies evolved, we continued to look at even better ways of doing things. By February 2011 we were ready to scope out our advanced candidate management system that would complement our multi posting and job board services whilst still remaining incredibly easy to use. This was the start of the process for the later launch of CV Mate. The system has taken almost 2 years to build, road test and perfect and is now one of the most effective candidate management systems in the market place.

By Early 2012 we launched to the market Post Social. This is a first of its kind Social media posting tool that enables recruiters to upload jobs and post and engage with job seekers via social media. This product made it simple for recruiters to upload jobs to social media without any effort. A one click post would result in job data being converted to Tweets for Twitter, comments for Facebook and posts for linked-in along with every other social site within seconds. The system self creates job destination pages and acts as the perfect gateway between candidates engaging in social media and applying for job vacancies.

During September 2012 our latest software product to go live was Job Pigeon, a simple to set up, yet highly effective job board solution for recruiters and HR professionals. This was launched to compliment our product range. Since our early roots we have always been able to develop effective job board technology solutions. What Job Pigeon delivers is a way for us to package the benefits of recruiters operating their own job boards, but without any work. Nice and simple packaged designs with their current job inventory automatically updated as they post around the internet. Easy to use and very effective.

With our five superb cloud based award winning software as a service products now available for customers, it was time to bring some brand cohesion to these individual product brands. In October 2012 we launched our suite of products under the one cohesive brand Recruitive.

Recruitive is the gateway to our cloud software product range.

Under our new cohesive brand we are able to effectively showcase all of our technology offerings together. Accessible from anywhere, we take product quality and our account management service very seriously. We value our clients business and continue building on those strong relationships.

As we move into January 2013 and beyond our focus on enhancing the client experience will continue. We remain a highly innovative technology company and continue to innovate as the HR technology and social media landscape continues to evolve..

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