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On behalf of the management team at Red Advertising Ltd we would like to acknowledge and thank a number of individuals for their dedicated work, input and ongoing support in helping to make the network of sites and the Red Advertising Business as effective as it currently is.

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

All staff, Shareholders, Investors and Supporters

Thanks to everyone involved in the business for your ongoing support on a day to day basis. Thanks to those not listed specifically here that have been and still are dedicated to the ongoing running and success of the business. Thank you to everyone involved at the development and planning stages, ongoing integration stages and for investors continued support in seeing the business development plans through to completion.

In alphabetical order we would like to provide special acknowledgement to:-

Kate Bonafield

Your article and content writing for our Tourism & Leisure areas has been very much appreciated. Thanks very much

Andy Goddard

Your ongoing work and support with the programming, technical implementation and roll out with the advanced platform

Louise Handley & Ellie Corcoran

Special Thanks to both of you and your team at Lee & Priestley LLP. Your support on legal trade mark issues and assistance in negotiation of same has been exemplary. Thanks for your support in helping us battle though what was at one point a legal minefield!

Lynn Leighton-Johnstone

Special Thanks Lynn for your support and input into our legal jobs sector and the collation of information submitted to us with support of the Wolverhampton Law School. Thanks for your thoughts and contributions to our Legal graduate zone areas

Daniel Lowton

Thanks for your online brochure design work and graphic ideas input to ensure that our marketing image portrayed remains effective. You work to a very high standard and it’s appreciated.

Lizzie Moore & Gemma Skeats

Your Graphic Design ideas and implementations have been exceptional. Your ongoing support in this area has been very much appreciated - Thank you very much.

Geraldine Morris

Thanks for your specialist article writing submissions, article research work and your contributions to some of our networks careers advice areas

Natasha O’Brian

Your cheerful manner is an absolute delight and it’s great to work with you and the rest of your team at Dedipower. Thanks for your ongoing support with our server network and hosting solutions provision.

Duncan Stevenson

Special Thanks to Duncan for the work you put in on the project management side of the integration, some of which was well beyond the call of duty. Thanks for getting involved during the early integration stages and overseeing parts of the planned roll out. Your efforts were fully appreicated.

Ed Thompson

We don’t know what we would do without you! Special thanks for your ongoing support with our financial planning, accountancy matters and ongoing corporate advice and more.

Simon Weijgers
Special thanks Simon for the work and support with the programming, technical implementation and roll out with the advanced platform, its very much appreciated.

Lara Williams

Thanks for your contributions and specialist article writing submissions your knowledge and understanding of the retail sector shines through in what you write.

Paul Woodman

Thanks Paul for your support and advice at Underhill Langley & Wright regarding all legal matters and support with concluding the legal work on our acquisitions program. Your support is fully appreciated.

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